Protect Your Future And Create Wealth With Precious Metals

Protect Your Future And Create Wealth With Precious Metals

Protect Your Future And Create Wealth With Precious Metals

By Steve Sherman

Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

  • Should I own Gold and Silver?
  • Can I afford to buy precious metals?

The answer to both questions is YES…Absolutely!

Here’s Why....

Why should every single Red-Blooded American own Gold and Silver?

Well, we are heavily engaged in an election season once again. As our country is torn apart by inept representatives from both sides of the aisle and candidates who are making all kinds of empty promises, you, me and the rest of hard-working Americans are concerned about what 535 members of Congress and our President are going to do… either to us, or for us in the coming years. Some say our economy is booming, while others say that it could be better. No matter who you believe, one thing is for sure. Change is inevitable. The crash of 2008 is proof of that. Even with record stock market highs, one must recognize that at some point, there will be a correction. Our system is broken and our dollar is worthless. I don’t say this to scare you, but rather to prepare you. We all must be ready for when this change takes place…again. That said, I am going to show you WHY people should own precious metals and how ANYONE can afford to buy them. Here are the top 5 reason’s YOU need to own precious metals:

1.    Economic Collapse

2.    Wealth Accumulation

3.    Wealth Protection

4.    Portfolio Diversification

5.    Coin Collecting

Economic Collapse Facts:

Everyone knows that in an economic collapse, Gold and Silver always increases in value. Here is what happened during the crash of 2008.



If the economy ever crashes like it did in 2008, or worse, some lunatic leader of a foreign nation (like North Korea, Iran, Russia, etc.) decides to send a dirty bomb over our atmosphere, we could completely lose our power grid and be sent back to the 1800’s. It would be devastating to our economy and our way of life. It would become survival of the fittest.  

The following two minute video describes what we could experience in another financial crisis:

A real eye-opener -

Even though silver has come back down to a more normal price range since the 2008 collapse, it is about to be in high demand again. WHY? 

As of January of 2020, ALL NEW HOMES BUILT in California are now required to install solar panels. Solar panels, as well as most electronic devices (Cell phones, computers, etc.) ALL use silver in the manufacturing process. Not only is California going to mandate this, but other States will follow suit, as well as other nations. This will simply make silver more valuable and in more demand.

California Mandate Article:

We also know that Gold and Silver will never be worth zero…ever.

Wealth Accumulation Facts:

Did you know that…

•    A single 1996 Silver Eagle MS-70 (Silver Dollar) Coin is worth $7,000!

•    A single 1999 Silver Eagle MS-70 (Silver Dollar) Coin is worth $15,000!

•    Had you purchased a 1986 Silver Eagle Coin when they were first minted, and you would have continued to purchase one coin a month until the end of 2018, you would have a collection worth $1.2 MILLION Dollars today!

And that’s just with Silver... Gold has more than tripled in value just since 1990!

Many people are accumulating wealth through Gold and Silver. Some are buying rare coins, some are buying large bullions and bars, and others are buying fractional coins.

According to the 7K Buyers Certification Program, there are certain coins and bullion that you should stay away from and certain ones you want to own due to the IRS exemptions. Here is a short list of the types of Gold and Silver that you want to own due to their IRS Exempt status…


7K Metals does all of the research. They guide you to the best products that will help you to achieve wealth with Gold and Silver.  

Wealth Protection Facts:

Your hard-earned money is not backed by anything….NOTHING!

Look at the following graph. It shows how the dollar has literally dropped in purchasing power over the past 100 years by 95%!

Note the source….The United States Bureau of Labor Statistics!  

In fact, in 1965 2,500 ounces of Silver (worth $1 an ounce at the time) or $2,500 (Cash) could purchase a brand new Mustang. Today, the same 2,500 ounces of Silver could buy you nearly two Mustangs. Compare that to what $2,500 in paper currency could buy you today. What kind of car can you get for that today? I know what kind….a beater or maybe a really nice brand new DUI Scooter!

Here is another example of how the dollar has dropped in purchasing power…

In the late 1800’s you could buy a Colt peacemaker for a $20 bill OR a 1 ounce Gold coin (which was worth $20 back then). Today, a $20 bill doesn’t even buy a box of ammo for a high end gun, BUT…a 1 ounce Gold coin can still buy a high end firearm…in fact, it can buy two of them!


Portfolio Diversification Facts:

Any wise investor knows that you don’t put all of you eggs in one basket. In fact, the most savvy investors know that the key to a successful investment strategy is diversification. The problem is that most investors, aren’t very savvy. It is recommended that Gold and Silver be a part of any investment portfolio. The following suggestions should be considered when attempting to create wealth through an investment strategy. You should own:

Real Estate

Stocks / Bonds

Mutual Funds

Banking Products / Cd’s / Savings Accts.

401k’s / IRA’s

10-20% in Precious Metals : Have a variety of bullion and coin (What to buy: 33% Bars and rounds / 33% Silver Eagles / 33% Collectibles MS-70’s)


Coin Collecting Facts:

As mentioned in the Wealth Accumulation segment above, a single Silver Eagle coin collection that would have cost you $38,400 in Silver purchases through our “Auto-saver” program would have provided you with a collection worth $1.2 MILLION dollars today!

I believe that with all of the other reasons that we should own Gold and Silver, we should all become collectors. Since I have been serious about my Gold and Silver buying, I have realized the joy of collecting. I look forward to receiving my “Auto-saver coin”, and I actually can’t wait for my specialty coins to come when I purchase additional coins through our optional “Coin Drop” program. 

7K Metals is constantly working with mints all over the world to secure the most unique and best value coins possible. Below are just a couple of examples of excellent collectible coins they have provided us with recently. Both of these coins were part of a very limited supply and have great expectation of high-value collectability. 


Initially, there were supposed to be 25,000 Spiderman coins minted, but because of a defect, many were sent back and melted down, and only about 3,000 of these coins are now available. That makes them highly desirable to the collector. The trap coin on the right is one of the coolest coins I have ever seen. They only made 999 of these coins. You MUST WATCH the video below to get the full effect of this coin.

Booteen Trap Coin -

I mentioned in the first paragraph that I would show you WHY people needed to buy Gold and Silver, and HOW anyone could afford to do so. To this point, I have given you many valid reasons to own these precious metals so I think that I have covered the WHY pretty well. Now let me explain how you can afford it.

7K Metals is a 3 year old company that was founded by Roger Ball (Founder of Melaleuca, a Multi-BILLION Dollar Company), and three other very successful gentlemen. Collectively, they have over 100 years experience in the network marketing industry. They have owned many traditional businesses along the way, and they have created an abundance of wealth. They are taking the Network Marketing Profession in a new direction. They have proven in just 3 short years, that they can take the lead role in an industry that for decades has been taking advantage of the average person and help these individuals to become successful beyond their dreams with Gold and Silver.

Let’s face it. Everyone knows what Gold and Silver is, and if they are truthful with themselves, they want to have as much of it in their possession as humanly possible. The problem is that for far too long, they have felt like it is out of their reach…that they simply can’t afford it.

In comes 7K Metals. With their wholesale buying club membership (much like a Costco or Sam’s club membership), they have made it possible for the average person to buy precious metals at wholesale pricing by buying direct from the dealer instead of the retailer saving them as much as 30% on their purchases.

7K Metals works very closely with mints all over the world to acquire special deals that are unavailable to most retailers, as well as working to create their own series of collectible coins minted especially for them by the U.S. Mint. By doing this, they create highly collectable coins the moment they are minted!

There are many benefits to becoming a member of 7K Metals. The first is that you can purchase precious metals at wholesale prices. Second, is that you get to participate in the Buyer’s Certification training that teaches you how to become a savvy buyer of precious metals. And finally, you have the opportunity (should you choose) to participate in a member referral program that allows you to earn an income by simply sharing this incredible money-saving membership with others. According to recent company statistics, 92% of ALL Part-Time Associates earn a minimum $500 per month check, and 71% of all associates renew each year. These numbers are unheard of in the network marketing industry.

Unlike other companies that require you to spend hundreds of dollars per month (in order for you to qualify to get paid) on pills, potions, and lotions that may or may not work for you, our only requirement after you become a member is that you participate in our “Auto-saver” program and meet some very attainable goals. By doing so, you have the opportunity to generate significant income and win all kinds of fun trips. In fact, we just returned from a Fantastic Bahamas cruise onboard the Royal Carribean "Navigator of the Seas" ship, a trip that was powered by Silver and Gold.

So how can you afford this? Simple. One easy example is to redirect your meal cost of four ($25) meals for you and your spouse at a restaurant each month and take that money and “Invest in your future” through our “Auto-saver” program. I don’t know about you, but I have no problem whatsoever with stockpiling Gold and Silver every month. It sure beats pills, potions, and lotions, and my precious metals have a history of increasing in value over time! And as I mentioned before, Gold and Silver will never be worth zero!

If you would like more information, visit my website at or call me at 912-677-0522 and let's set up a time to meet for coffee. I hope to hear from you soon!

Steve 😊